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Fortunately, thanks to photography, nobody has to spend hours sitting for portraits anymore. If possible, I prefer to meet my subjects, make sketches and take photos, and discuss with you what you have in mind and what would be your ideal portrait - for example, the personality of the subject you wish me to capture, the perfect "pose" or position, etc. And whether you want a painting or drawing, what size, where it might be displayed, etc. I can make suggestions if you are not sure. Nothing is done until you are happy with what is decided. And from when you make your first enquiry, you can ask me whatever you wish using whatever method of contact you wish, with no obligation.

But I can work from your existing photos if you prefer, depending on the quality - I can look at as many as you wish and we can decide on the best one(s).

I usually use a combination of several photos and sketches to come up with the final composition. Sometimes I can't meet my subjects, (if, for instance, the portrait is going to be a surprise, or because of distance), and, again, I can work from your existing photos.

Once everything has been agreed, I ask for a 30% deposit (non-refundable, unless I have not made a start on the work), and a date will be agreed as to when the work will be completed, depending on my schedule, and your needs. The deposit is of course taken off the final cost. I will send photos of my progress, (not everyone wants this option, but it enables me to make adjustments if there is anything you are not happy with). The finished work will be handed over to you following payment of the outstanding balance. Be assured that I will only consider the portrait finished when you are completely happy with it..

For pastel drawings I use soft pastels on high quality paper. Sizes given under "Prices" are for the drawing - the price includes mounting and framing, therefore the total size will be larger, and the work will be ready to hang.

For paintings I normally use acrylics. I do use oils, which are beautiful, but take much longer due to drying time. I prefer to paint on board, but will paint on canvas if required. All paintings on board will be "cradled" so that they are ready to hang, and will stand proud of the wall.

You may come across many portrait artists charging varying prices. I only use the best quality materials, I take my time, and have years of experience. Please be wary of cheap art as price will often reflect quality.

I travel within 15 miles of my home in Heswall to meet my clients at no extra cost. For appointments further away, extra travelling costs are negotiated. If the completed work is to be sent as opposed to my delivering it personally, I ascertain the cost, (this of course varies according to the size and weight of the work, and therefore is often minimal), and this is additional once agreed. I have had one bad experience sending a framed drawing, despite what I thought was fool-proof packaging, so now use high quality perspex in frames as opposed to glass. If this is not desirable, we can discuss other options.

NB - whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us, along with social distancing concerns, working from clients' own photos has become more frequent. They can be sent to me as hard copies, or electronically. We can discuss which photos are the best ones from which I can create a portrait.


This is a general size guide - other sizes can be arranged. They are based on the painting or drawing featuring one subject - additional subjects can be included, depending on the size of the work, and what is required. The extra cost will be discussed and agreed upon.


12” x 16” Acrylic: £250 Oil: £325
16” x 16” Acrylic: £275 Oil: £350
16” x 20” Acrylic: £295 Oil: £375
20” x 20” Acrylic: £325 Oil: £395
20” x 24” Acrylic: £350 Oil: £425
20” x 28” Acrylic: £375 Oil: £450
24” x 32” Acrylic: £395 Oil: £475

Pastel Drawings:

These are the sizes of the drawings. Price includes mounting and framing, therefore total size will be bigger!

Other sizes can be arranged. 

12" x 16" £185
12" x 20" £215
16" x 20" £225
20" x 24" £275


Please ask for an estimate. Price depends on size of wall and complexity of required design.